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Can't get battery out

I followed the instructions in the ifixit but when it came to removing the sticky strips, they both tore (quite easily). I can't budge the battery, so this looks like I've wasted my money on a repair kit.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Insert a credit card from the LOWER LEFT side of the battery and try to shovel it up, just as much as you can access the broken stud of the adhesive tab and continue to pull.

Do not insert from upper left or the right side as the ifixit guide may suggest. You can damage components underneath.

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Also, use an iOpener.

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When you say "lower left", what is that relative to? The bottom (short side) of the iphone?


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Lower left as in the bottom left of the battery. Here is an example:


|      Apple     |

|      Logo       |

|                        |

|                        |

|      1240      |

|      MaH       |

|                        |


He is referring to the part on the very left hand column, 3rd and 4th row starting from the bottom.

Basically left of the iPhone housing on the left side of the battery, not at the upper part as that is where the volume button ribbon cable assemble is and goes under the battery which has the cable going under the battery.

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