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What is the CPU Wattage?

Hi guys,

I have a 27" iMac (2011) i5 2.7 GHz

I have read that upgrading to i7 3.4 GHz is possible

I'm not sure to understand the WATT energy consumption of the i7 vs i5. Is it the same WATT consumption for both processor?

My iMac is powered 24/7...

thanks to all

Update (06/28/2016)

hi guys,

thanks for the information about my question...

i forgot to tell my actual configuration of my iMac 2011 27" i5 2,7Ghz:

- 32GB Ram

- AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512GB

- 1 SSD Crucial M550 256GB (primary OSX Snow Leopard)

- 1 SSD SanDisk 256GB (mounted into SuperDrive slot with DataDoubler by OWC)

i have also an extra SSD MERCURY ELECTRA 6G 120GB that i am using at the moment with OSX Yosemite

it's my intention to upgrade again the iMac (if possible) with a 2GB Graphic Video Card, another internal SSD (for 2 indipendent OSX, i need a SATA SWITCH), adding an extra eSata port (i have also the KANEX Thunderbolt to eSata Adapter) and an i7 processor...

for what i read, upgrade is possible, right? but HEAT is the problem... the actual FAN installed into my iMac are NOT sufficient to dissipate heat? i have to upgrade also the fan?

the upgrade from i5 to i7 processor can made more improvement? i am able to see the difference?

the OSX that i want to use is Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion (Yosemite/El Capitan have very good interface but many many frippery inside for me)

thanks to all

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Sounds like you've pushed this system to the max already. A 2 GB video bd won't offer that much unless you are doing heavy image or video editing or playing very heavy graphical games.

As to your storage you have three SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) ports in your system as well as two Thunderbolt ports. I would think about increasing the size of the SSD drives here (1-2 GB) and look at getting two which are the same (matched). When the new MacOS comes out {Sierra} you'll able to setup the two SSD's as a RAID drive set internally. This will give you much faster access for your primary drive. I would then focus on the external storage via Thunderbolt for my data drives. Mac's don't like SATA line switches! All you'll do is corrupt the drives and the OS. If you want multiple boot drives just setup each SSD as a discreet bootable drive and use the Boot Manager service within the system to jump between them during the reboot. Or, use an external drive which is what we do.

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Upgrading the CPU would not be the direction I would go here. Again, the amount of gain is so little between the i5 Vs the i7. I would instead think about making the big leap to a Mac Pro here, you would gain a much better graphics setup than what the iMac has and gain a still faster Thunderbolt 2 interface.

Frankly, I would wait till the fall before making the jump as I suspect Apple will be intro'ing a newer version of the Mac Pro.

As to the fan issue you likely failed to install the needed thermal sensor the system requires when you pulled the HD. Here is what you need: OWC In-line Digital Thermal Sensor for iMac 2011 Hard Drive Upgrade.

As long as you use the hardware solution Vs any software solution you shouldn't have any issues with the systems cooling. You may want to get this great app: TG Pro (get the full version). It will help you see all of the internal heat sensors and the fans.

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thanks Dan,

bootmanager CMD+ALT at the startup? i am using this BUT i have BOTH SSD Drive ACTIVE on my desktop.

i need for both OSX WITHOUT the other SSD loaded into desktop (i hope to have explain well, excuse my english)

if i can insert a SATA SWITCH i can POWER OFF the SSD that have the other OSX.

the swicth can POWER OFF all SSD at the same time or POWER ON only 1 single Drive.

are you sure, the switch is not compatible with the iMac?

i have see: http://www.moddiy.com/products/4%252dCha...

about the Thermal Sensor by OWC, when i buy and install my SSD (i have many practice, i mod also my old 2007 iMac, and i upgrade my old Mac Mini with eSata card) i DO NOT know the Thermal issue... i buy the sensor but need to install... at the moment i use the MAC FAN CONTROL, it work GREAT for me :)

about the processors, if i decide to upgrade, i can consider the i7 2600S model? same 65Watt power usage... and low heat respect the i7 2600?

thanks again, bye ;)

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So let me get this, you don't want to see the other SSD when you boot up is that your issue? I think you need to rethink this. All drives internally are powered and are visible no matter which drive is the boot disk. You could use multiple user accounts to limit what is apps or data is visible. Using external disks exclusively would be the only way you could do achieve this.

No, your SATA switch won't work first the one you have linked here is designed for a PC with a card slot system. iMac's don't have a means to mount this board.

Software over-rides are not that good! Sorry. The OWC inline sensor is by far the best way here. Yes, SSD's don't create as much heat as HD's but they still do create heat and you still need to worry about the rest of the systems heat. While on the short term the software solution does work it will wear out your fans and cause thermal shock to the components shorting the lifespan of the system.

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I would recommend you review the performance numbers of the CPU's. Here's one source: CPU World - Intel Core i5-2500 vs i7-2600. Note the difference is not that much of an improvement!

Now look at this: Intel Core i5-2500S vs Xeon E5-1620 v2. This is the difference between an iMac & a Mac Pro base system.

If you want raw performance you'll need to save up for a Mac Pro! We have 8 now and boy do they smoke! Some of the guys stay late to play games on them (luckily the boss doesn't mind) They beat most of the other players just in speed.

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While your system offers a removable CPU, I generally don't recommend swapping out the CPU chip from an i5 to an i7 as the amount of improvement is not as great as the swap out between the lower end i3 to i7 CPU.

Given the amount of work and costs I would first recommend adding more RAM (12-16 GB) as well as looking at setting up a dual drive with a SSD to gain more performance than the CPU swap out.

With that said lets answer your core question:

The Wattage here is the amount of power the CPU can consume from the power supply as well as the systems ability to shed off the heat.

It has nothing to do with the systems power cords connection to your AC service. Here a different measure is used Voltage and Amperage (120/220v 15A)

If we look at the 2011 27" iMac series: iMac12,2 we can see the different versions of CPU's Apple used i5-2400, 2500S & 2600 (this is a typo! it should be 2600S). Now if we look at the Intel ARK site for your CPU:

We can compare what they require. Both the S versions have a TDP of 65 Watts unlike the other i7 chip which has a TDP of 95 Watts. You would need the 65 Watt version of the chip if you were to upgrade it. Again, focus on the RAM & Drive first then think long and hard here before you go down this path.

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@danj half your answer is absolutely correct. the other half is absolutely incorrect. TDP is not what "power the CPU can consume from the power supply"

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mightythor73 the wattage listed is not based on the CPU's power consumption at all. It is the thermal design power (TDP) listing of the IC (CPU). It is not the amount of power the CPU can consume from the power supply. It is the maximum amount of heat, listed in watts, generated by the CPU. It is an important value for the design of cooling systems but is not directly related to any power supply issues. Hence there is no difference in power supplied to the IC based on the difference in TDP (65W-95W); all it is telling you is that the i7 generates more heat than the i5.

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FYI: Thermal design power

"Some sources state that the peak power for a microprocessor is usually 1.5 times the TDP rating.[3] However, the TDP is a conventional figure while its measurement methodology has been the subject of controversy. In particular, until around 2006 AMD used to report the maximum power draw of its processors as TDP, but Intel changed this practice with the introduction of its Conroe family of processors.[4]

A similar but more recent controversy has involved the power TDP measurements of some Ivy Bridge Y-series processors, with which Intel has introduced a new metric called scenario design power (SDP).[5][6]"

Basically, its the fudge factor of both the current draw and heat ;-}

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Ah...no. The thermal design power (TDP) for any CPU is not to be confused with the power consumption. No matter what name this measure is given, it is not the amount of power the CPU can consume from the power supply. If you consider that this iMac has a power consumption of 135W at idle and 170W with the CPU at max, 50% of available power from the PSU would go to the processor alone. That would not allow enough power for the drives video and other peripherals, but would only require 80% at full load. Not very logical. Again, in principal I agree with what you are saying but it is not the power drawn from the PSU. A point we seem to absolutely disagree on

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Let me make one correction here so we are then in agreement OT:

The Wattage here is the amount of power the CPU can consume from the power supply as well as the systems ability to shed off the heat.

The Wattage here is the amount of power the CPU should consume from the power supply as well as the systems ability to shed off the heat.

As I think you'er reading this differently than I intended.

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I am sure I did and like I said before, I get your point. The way I read this "The Wattage here is the amount of power the CPU can consume from the power supply" I still disagree. The wattage listed for either one of those CPU's is TDP and not related to PSU consumption. Let's agree to disagree ....

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Check this out, if it helps.

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