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iPhone 5S not charging properly after charging port replacement

I replaced a charging port on an iPhone 5S (the owner said it was not charging properly after they dropped it in dirt and they cleaned it out- it looked pretty rough in the port). I tried to charge it before replacement and it did not charge. It started charging after I replaced the charging port but after getting to 4% quickly it dropped down quickly and died. I had it on a good (apple brand) charger all night and it only got to 17% and is now back down to 13%.

What's going on?

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Thanks for the help. I changed the battery out and the charging port again, just in case and it didn't seem to help. They tried connecting it to iTunes and got an error message of "unrecognized USB device" so that's why I tried the new charging port.

There appears to have been water in the phone, I'm not sure what exactly that looks like but that's my guess. I'm going with your answer of IC damage. :)

Thank you very much Josh.

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80% chance damaged IC. Check the IC's around the battery connector and see if you see any that are broken. Also check for water damage. If I were a betting man, I'd bet the phone has been wet before and one or more of the IC's are corroded.

10% phone needs to be reset in iTunes. This is the easiest thing to check but one of the least likely causes.

10% bad battery. Bad parts do happen.

If it were me, I'd put in under the scope and check the board for corrosion and/or bad IC's.

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