Won't charge after screen replacement

After replacing the front panel glass/digitizer my ipad won't charge or turn on anymore. Any ideas?

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Try holding the power and home button for 15 seconds and see if that helps.

Otherwise check the LCD screen for any signs of physical damage or cracks on it (not the glass digitizer touch screen).

Also check the ribbon connector for the LCD to see if it's plugged in properly into the logic board.

Did you make sure to unplug the iPad Air battery before unplugging and plugging the digitizer and lcd cable?

Plugged it into my computer and was only detected after putting it into recovery mode.

Tried to restore it on itunes after putting it into recovery mode but it came up with error code 4005 and was unable to restore the ipad.

Reseated the LCD, digitizer, and battery connections. Still no sign of life. Really hopeless at this point.

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