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BSOD iPhone 5s (never had a screen replacement)

Ok so I used to be jailbroken but then this started happening...basically my phone comes up with a blue screen and turns off and then it loops.I tried changing the battery to see if that would solve my problem.Didn't work.I've restored my iphone multiple times and it only works for a few days and then it starts doing the same thing.I am on iOS 9.3.2.I don't think it's a software problem since whenever i put it into the fridge (i know, crazy) it seems to be working just fine for a while.However, it is kinda odd that whenever i restore it it gets better for a few days.I've read somewhere that a chip called ic u6 can cause that problem.Does anybody know what could be wrong with my hardware (if it is a hardware problem) and how to fix it ?

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You need to replace the u6 ic. Then it will work.

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