Dropped (in foam case), now nothing works

As the title says... The tablet was dropped while in a robust foam case (typically used by my 5-year-old), and now nothing works. There is no external damage (screen unbroken, no dents around the case, etc), but it will not turn on or charge. Holding the power button for >10 seconds, or with any other button combination fails to produce any sign of life. Plugging it into any charger yields absolutely nothing; no charging indicator, no LED flash, nothing. Plugging it into my computer immediately causes all USB devices connected to the same hub to suddenly vanish until I unplug the tablet.

I've opened it up and disconnected the screen, battery, and virtually everything else and it still causes the above PC symptoms when I plug in JUST the main PCB.

I'm afraid of the likely problem: the motherboard is cracked somewhere. But, if this is just an extremely elaborate case of "replace the micro-USB plug," I would be extremely happy. I would rather not lose the data on this tablet by replacing the entire board, if possible.

*edit* I just realized I didn't specify what device this is. It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, model SM-T230nu.

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