Considered one of Sony's best smartphones, the Xperia Z Ultra is a 'phablet' style device released in 2013.

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Connecting main flex cable to the motherboard

If anyone has ever done or got any idea how to solder/fix the volume power flex ribbon to the motherboard please help!

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The Sony Xperia Z Ultra power flex looks to be the same as any other soldered on flex from the teardown pics. The steps to replace are as follows:

1. apply flux

2. wick solder off pads

3. remove flex while applying heat: DO NOT APPLY BRUTE FORCE OR YOU WILL RIP PADS it may help to add leaded solder to the solder points if you are having trouble.

Check out these videos for other devices with similar configurations:

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nice answer :-)

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@jimfixer He's getting better.. I may have to stop harassing him ;-) But he's still giving way to many judgmental down votes to others.

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How to fix strip in sonz1 ultra

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