Samsung Galaxy J1, 2015년 1월 출시, 모델 번호 SM-J100VPP.

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Why can't my phone boot up?

It all started when my phone was charging and it was rather lagging, so I proceeded to reboot my phone. However, i could not start up my phone again and the phone was still on the Samsung screen and nothing happened! I am unable to boot up my phone. Someone please help as soon as you can thanks!

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That is a software issue either one of these should work. If you don't want to lose data flash downloaded samsung firmware from sammobile with the matching model number of your phone located in the battery compartment on a label.

Use Odin with the phone booted into download mode and plugged in. Instructions on how to use Odin and flash firmware on to phone are on every download page of firmware from sammobile.

If you don't need to backup data use Samsung kies with firmware upgrade and initialization OR turn the phone off by taking out the battery for a few seconds and putting it back in.

Then hold the power, volume up and home buttons until the white Samsung splash text pops up and immediately stop holding the power button and keep holding volume up and home.

Then it will boot into the recovery menu. And you can use the power button to select and vol up and down to select in the menu. Select wipe data factory reset and reboot phone from recovery mode.

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When ive done that the wifi appear and i cant log in

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Its FRP lock. either you had to enter the existing Gmail id or you can use FRP bypass techniques

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Yeah. There are also people that offer frp lock removal using flash / programming / unlock boxes like frp which is sometimes required if bypass techniques without that do not work.

While I have the tools to do this. I don't offer this as a service as its kinda illegal to me but I could be wrong.

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Can someone help me please, after i flash my phone using Odin, it wont start up, i only seen a black screen even if i charged it stil no logo, i dont know if its charging or not there is no pop up on the screen please help its Galaxy j1, please pm me

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when i press and hold volume -,power key..for recovery mode

my phone was normaly

and i can't update my phone

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