Model A1137 / 1, 2, or 4 GB capacity / black or white plastic front

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Won't sync or charge on USB,charges ok on firewire

Won't sync with i Tunes or charge on USB,

charges ok on fire wire ,both on wall charger and PC firewire card .

but wont sync with the PC on fire wire.

I have some audio on it from ages ago and it plays those items fine

all the functions work fine.

Have done a hard reset that didn't help and have been able to put it into disc mode but it still wont show on the PC as an external drive

Have run through its internal diagnostics and has not shown anything of value to me

I am out of ideas ,Please help me load some new songs

Nano has not been dropped or drowned

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Try it on another USB port. We just found this tonight and it's probably true on PC's: USB Flash Drive only recognized on one specific port?

P.S. If this works please vote the linked answer up as he did the work. Thanks

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Thank you, but alas i have tried that on this and another PC (should have noted that in my original post)

My bad.

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We've seen this a lot when using low quality USB cables. Try a high end one.

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I had not considered the cable till now.

Just tried the spare generic cable, no joy.

The cable that i have been using is a genuine Apple.

My families other i pod's happily sync via the apple i pod cable.

Ta Mayer.

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Thank you all for esteemed advise on this little iPod.

I have decided to relegate this NANO to the parts bin so its remaining good components will be salvaged to restore a friends identical unit.


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