Is the front screen,and battery under warranty

Finally I get a response from bluproducts about my phone my blustudio5.0c HD is just about to call it quites on me and its been a pain in my behind from day one. I purchased it almost a year ago and let me just tell you I was sent a lemon I mean it started out not keeping a good charge not long after that it started getting hot ,it gets so hot that it has literally burned up a new SD card and it gets up to a 117 degrees maybe higher now but the heat has made my phone warped it has buckled in the middle so now my battery has another problem,it can sit in its space it sticks up out of it and that want let the back cover stay on like its suppose to. And now its shutting off son its on or only about 4 or 5 times a day and when it comes on finally after i keep begging it to please come back on it will so after a while of that happening its saying that it has a internal era to report it, so I push report right then and like always it doesn't report it, so yea this was a lemon from start but I can't go till I tell you the last thing that my phone did to itself believe it or not but I'm not lieing about anything I've written here and not starting one now,but my phone gets so hot that it has popped my glass facing screen into about 6 long cracks in my screen. I don't understand how one phone can do these things but god as my witness this phone did. So, I've called bluproducts and emailed a couple times with me letting them know how defected this phone is and 2 months later I get my email telling me to ship it to them for repairs... I'm so excited about it and I need to find out before I get to excited what all the warranty covers for it... Will it ?? a miracle is what I need. Someone please let me kn ow if this is all going to be replaced or can email me with any answers or details about it... My email is thanks

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