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How do I fix my loose charging port?

i was just using it like normal and it died, when i plugged it in it wouldnt charge, i bought a new charger and that worked for a month or so, but now it wont charge again, and the port is loose and i can wiggle it in the inside of the tablet, how can i fix it? its a digiland DL701Q

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It's going to require a soldering iron, and essentially flux to oxidize the solder, solder wick to remove old solder and solder wire to melt some new solder for putting the new or same charger port back on if usuable.

Sometimes it's just loose and needs to be resoldered.

But it can be physically damaged inside the charger port instead which would require it to be replaced.

If you are not familiar with desoldering and soldering charger ports search for videos on tutorials on how to do so.

Otherwise take it to a repair shop that does charger port repairs or replacements.

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