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just starting with board level repairs

Hello all im Graham from Liverpool UK. I work for a company called elite innovations and we wholesale iphones and ipads.

Im the repair guy who fixes all the faulty stock been repairing iphones and ipads for around 10 years but only mainly parts screens etc.

Done board level stuff on laptops like gpu reballing etc but only just getting into board level stuff on iphones from now.

So yeah just thought i would say HI to everyone and hopefully i can help people aswell as ask for help in my bid to become good at board level repairs.



Have attached some pics of the equipment im using

Update (08/05/2016)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@liverpooldoctor nice to meet you Graham. Sounds like you really should check out where the pro's hang out. I've heard one can learn a lot from them.

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I would add that the "Introduction to Micro Soldering, Micro BGA & Component Level Diagnostics" group on Facebook is very good for those doing board-level repairs... it's actually better than the pro forum on iFixit. Also, there is more and more board level questions and answers on this forum as well so it's always worth asking a question!

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