모델 A1419 / Late 2012 / 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 또는 3.4 GHz Core i7 프로세서, ID iMac13,2

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LCD Display shows vertical lines / blocks


after removing and reinstalling the LCD display, the right part of about 3" is completely black! Another vertical block is more to the middle:

To find the fault, I used Airplay to an external screen, no fault! So I guess the graphic chip is O.K! Screenshots are also O.K.

I had replaced the LVDS cable without success!

Does anybody have an idea or similar experience? Could that also be a backlight problem?

I do not know what to do!



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Sorry to say in the process of taking the display out you damaged it ;-{

Sadly, the new 'Thin Series' are a bear to open and if one is not careful you can damage the display which is what happened here. You'll need a new display assembly at this point.

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Thanks for this answer, although the worst case!

So it is definitely not a backlight problem, which could be repaired?

I also read that the logic board connector to the LCD is very critical! Can I exclude this?

Thanks again...

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Sadly no, the first one I opened I messed the display up too. Almost like what you are seeing.

Nothing to fix here as it's the LCD connections which get damaged when running a tool too deep around the edge to break the adhesive bond.

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Thanks again!

Do I understand you correctly?

It is most probably the LCD connection, that is broken?

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The display assembly is a sandwich of elements. In this series it is sealed unit.

The knife you used broke the electrical connections between the LCD panel and the driver logic in the back which then connects to the ribbon cable to your main logic board.

Unlike older models that used LVDS the newer thin series use a variation of display port called Internal DisplayPort (iDP).

In-between the LCD and the driver board is the backlight unit as well as a collection of diffusers and polarizer to filter the backlight though to LCD panel.

Bottomline here: This is not a repairable part.

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What's the best way to prevent this?

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