3MB 공유 L3 캐시 1.8GHz 듀얼-코어 Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost 최대 2.8GHz)

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Who knows this MBA capacitors partnumber and specifications?

I'm having trouble identifying a component on the mainboard of a MacBook air 13" mid 2012. model # A1466 MD231LL/A

when i was updating my macbook air to el captain, the computer froze and didnt finish installing the update. after restarting the computer became super slow,i didnt have time to look at it so i went out and got a new laptop.

today, i opened it up and saw this cap bursted. so maybe replacing this cap would make the laptop run agian.

Does anybody know the part number or the voltage and capacitance of this component?

I am not sure how to add a photo on here, but here is a link of the cap

Block Image


Here is an image of the mainboard. The component that has been blown is marked with a red border.


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mmm ...

Here's a better image of a good board: MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012 logic board. If you look at your image and this one you'll note R68 is also damaged. Also see the parts are reversed! R880 is swapped with R68. You can also see the other damaged component clearly here.

Can you give us some background here on what happened leading up to this.

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@oldturkey03 - Any ideas on whats burnt here?

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J c this answer is not to diagnose your logicboard but just to identify the components. Reference designator C7332 is a 1UF 25V 10% X5R capacitor in a 0603 package. L7330 which is a 0.88UH 20% 19A 2.3MOHM MPCG1040LR88 inductor does look burnt as well. Both components are part of the 1.5V DDR3 Supply circuitry.

Block Image

What Dan is referring to, is correct. L7330 is a 0.88UH PIMB104T inductor and the one above it is L7630 which should be a 0.68UH PIMB104T inductor. For whatever reason, your components are reversed

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To add to OT here, You may want to use fresh set of RAM modules here. One maybe damaged which caused a cascaded problem within the 1.5 volt power service.

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