Difficulty of Repairing Audio Jack?

A few months ago, my audio jack stopped working properly. Everything is pretty much fine except for the fact that when I plug in my headphones into the audio jack, it only plays out of one ear. I have determined that it is the computer that's damaged, and not my headphone. I've tried with several pairs, all with the same result.

It started when I had my headphones plugged it and as I was walking by, I caught the wire of my headphones with my foot causing them to tug violently on the audio jack. After that, it was a slow deterioration of the ability to play sounds to both ears. I was able to press on the jack where it plugged in lightly to get it to work, but after a while that stopped working.

Could it just be that a wire somewhere failed or is it more likely that the entire jack is busted? And also, would it be possible to replace it myself or would it better to have it professionally repaired? I have very basic soldering and circuitry knowledge.

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It doesn't cost much to replace the audio jack. But you need some good soldering station and hot air station (not China cheapo).

First, open up the device and see (use microscope not magnifier) if the solder joint at the base of the audio jack are still intact. If intact without breaking out, replace the jack as it might yank the contact inside the jack.

If the solder joint is cracked without damaging the pads, just use some flux and solder to get it back.

Now it is your call to open up and check inside. Better not to rush and it need patience when working on the small components. Do not worry about static or ESD or what ever. I have been working on the Mac at component level and I don't even use ground wire on my desk.

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