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Batterystatus frozen on 100%


I changed the battery of my iPhone 5c. After the replacement the batterystatus worked. But after recharging it its frozen on 100%. I already updated the new ios and also reset it.

Then I turned it on with the old battery but it's still 100%. Does someone know how to fix it? What was my fault ?

Thank you!

Update (08/29/2016)

Here are my results it seems that there are now parts missing.

Block Image

Maybe the power management ic is corrupt ?

Update (08/29/2016)

Some more

Block Image

Update (31.08.2016)

I read out the batterystatus with "ibackupbot" and I got these informations

'' CycleCount: 1

DesignCapacity: 1584

FullChargeCapacity: 1600

Status: Success

BatteryCurrentCapacity: 100

BatteryIsCharging: true

ExternalChargeCapable: true

ExternalConnected: true

FullyCharged: false

GasGaugeCapability: true

HasBattery: true''

The weird thing is that the batttery says that its not full charged but its still says 100%.

The other thing I found out is, if you look at the pictures from the microscope, you could see that there is something on the logical board on the left side, maybe the battery lost some liquid and connect some parts to the ground. I couldn't finde some other pictures of the logical board under a microscope, so I will try to clean it up tomorrow.

If you have some other ideas please let me know.

Thank you!

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Try leaving it unplugged until it turns itself off, then charge it until it turns on. From what I understand, iPhone batteries have to be calibrated to sync with the on screen readout, otherwise iOS doesn't have a baseline from which to calculate the level. I believe letting the battery rundown all the way then recharge it should reset the battery level in the software. Granted, I have only read about it online, so if anyone has more practical experience working on the iPhone, I would appreciate a fact check. (this is more of a recommendation of where to start looking.)

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Thank you. I tried this also but when the phone turned off and i connected it to the charger there was 1% for a moment and then 100%. I also read about what you said. Never made some practical experience too.

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Sounds like one or more little small components right above the battery connector on the logic board were damaged or knocked off when unplugging the battery for the first time.

Can you check to see if there are any missing components there?

They are like small little fuses. One of them are used to make an connection from the logic board to the battery connector for reading the battery percentage (battery gauge) if this is broken this may be the cause of the issue.

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Thank you, I will try to take a look tomorrow with an electrical microscope. I will tell you my experience.

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