Mixed Halogen / Ceramic burner stopped working on Hotpoint Range

I've got a Hotpoint EW74 glasstop electric range. Three of the burners are ceramic elements and the largest (1800W) burner is a mixed halogen bulb / ceramic element they called "Solarglo". A few months back it stopped working - no noise, no smoke, just no heat no nothing.

At one point I did find a replacement but it was over £100 – which I wasn’t going to purchase. Now when I search again for the spares there are none available anywhere.

I have three questions.

1) How can I test the burner element itself to see if the element has malfunctioned or to see if something else in the range has malfunctioned?

2) If it is the element and I need to replace it – is there any way to repair it instead?

3) If it has to be replaced – no repair possible. Can I replace it with a pure ceramic element of the same size / wattage (1800w)? The mixed halogen element has an extra set of connections – so I don’t know what to do with those. The ceramic-only elements are much less expensive (£20-40).


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