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A washer series by Maytag with a low rate of customer satisfaction and a high rate of failure. These washers have the model numbers MVWB300xxx or MVWX300xxx.

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Why does it take so long for my Maytag to wash clothes?

The "Normal" cycle is :41 minutes total...or so it says. But, it takes 1:10 minutes to wash!! Why??

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Same problem here.

Dryer takes a while too. Might as well go to the laundromat to wash and dry finish in less than 1.5 hrs. Smh.

Too many commands. Just want to wash clothes, rinse, spin in less than an hour.

Worse machine ever I set the cycle on on light since 6:30 It's noe 8:22 and it's still washing

Often times it is a restricted water flow issue, and inlet water lines have small screen inserts which get clogged with sediment, sounds like this is more likely than anything, and easy to clear, just disconnect water hoses and check filters. A kinked drain hose is another common issue which slows cycle times, most drain hoses have a big U angle where it goes into drain pipe and as a drain hose ages, it can collapse at bend restricting drain times, hence, slowing cycle times.

I made a terrible mistake. Instead of doing an expensive repair on a Wonderful 30year old Maytag, I bought this POS. Takes hours to do what used to take minutes to do a better job with more control.

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angelagarcia this can be caused by the washer taking a long time to fill with water. You do want to check:

Hot and cold faucets are turned all the way on

Water inlet hoses are not kinked or clogged

Water inlet valve screens are clean

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No mine is the same. It’s ridiculous! Everything is hooked up correctly and no other items are running. It’s this energy efficient crap! Which IS NOT ENERGY EFFICIENT! I hate this washer for this very reason! Wish I would’ve done my research before buying.. my old one at least had a quick wash cycle! I spend all day washing clothes because it takes to

Long. My dryer takes less time and it’s a lot older. #hatemymaytagwasher

Yes I agree, it takes so long. I should have done more research too. I'm disappointed

I’m with you! This washer is a piece of crap. It takes almost 2 hours to wash a load on the lowest wash time. God forbid I chose the heavy option. You also can’t fit a lot of laundry. If you load more than 4 towels, it won’t spin all the water out. I HATE this washer.

Yes my other washer with quick wash cycle washers a decent load in 15-22 minutes properly.

I’m on Washer #2 thank you God for Lowes - these Maytag commercial washers are giants pieces of $@$* - DO NOT BUY - I’ll happily send video of fill cycle -j.sylvesterwv@gmail.com - terrible washing machine

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Hey angelagarcia.

As far as I know, the only aspect of the wash cycle that is vulnerable to variations in cycle time is related to filling with water. The machine calls for the water inlet valve to open so the machine can fill to the prescribed level, and then it must wait until the level sensor detects the proper amount of water is in place, at which point the programmed cycle can advance. If the water, for some reason, is not coming in like it should, it would take more time to fill the machine, thereby extending the cycle time. Nothing else I can think of really makes any sense.

Low water supply pressure coming into the washer could be the issue, or it might be an obstruction or clogged filter or a restricted or faulty water inlet valve. Otherwise the lines between the water inlet valve and the tub might have a kink, or leak,or other issue.

Grab a 5 gallon bucket and unplug the washer. Pull the washer out to access the back area. Turn off the water supply valves (that supply water to the hoses leading to the washer). Remove one of the water supply hoses connecting to the water inlet valve. Hold the hose over the bucket, and slowly open the water supply valve to observe the flow/looking for low pressure or flow rate. Close the water supply valve. Repeat with the other hose.

If you don’t see a problem there, move on to the water inlet valve and check the ports and screen filters for debris, clogs, etc. This is where you’re most likely to find the problem, I would guess. If not, you’ll need to check the tub supply lines from the water inlet valve, routed of course on the inside of the washer cabinet.

Provide the model number for your washer if you should need additional feedback.

If/when you find the problem, please post an update for us.

Good Luck.

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I hate this maytag too. .

Two hours ten minutes . . .

Plenty of pressure no Clogs or Kinks.

I'm buying Chinese.

Lol. . anybody who's interested in a maytag . . it's on the Curb!!!!

Your comment trying to help us is no help at all. I agree with above. This energy efficient crap is for the birds. I can not wait for something too happen too this washer so I can buy an OLD one!

All the Mumble jumbo the Maytag guy said is rubbish. Even after the spin, it will say 1 min, it will actually take another 10 mins. It has nothing to do with the water being filled. The machine is a piece of crab. I wish I could get my money back. I will never never ever buy this rubbish Maytag again.

I hate my Maytag washer! I wash every load on the more fill cycle and it never fills up. What’s the use of buying a big machine when it don’t clean your clothes. The water levels suck. The time it takes to wash is terrible. My clothes are so wrinkled when the cycle is done. It’s all because of the water level. I will never purchase another Maytag anything.

This washing machine does not get anything clean except an unsoiled hand wash garment. I am so sorry that I gave up my rusty 1981 Frigidaire washer for this piece of garbage. It may have been an eyesore but it got my clothes clean. This Maytag is pure crap and gets nothing clean and the matching dryer leaves clothes damp so then they smell! So doing laundry is a waste of time. I wonder if I can get a used appliance store to trade this out for an old (not Maytag) machine.

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I have sorted out that my Maytag Bravos XL keeps cycling rinse and spin in effort to balance the load. Everytime the load is off balance, it automatically rinses and agitates to correct the balance - over, and over, and over. A load of 4 or 5 towles can take 2(+) hrs to complete, while a large load of clothes completes wash in the normal 50min. It is a beatdown.

Is there a drip pan and/or hose that should be drained? This step solves balance issues with front load washers.

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did you ever figure this out? i’m right with you? my wash starter at 41 mins, it’s just filling now, and jumped to 53 mins, but in about 53 mins it will probably show 51 minutes.

Yes I think this is whats going on. I wish the washer would just tell me that ot's unbalanced and I can go in there and redistribute the stuff in it. I usually pause the cycle and redistribute the clothes myself and it fixes the problem.

I’m researching this a Class Action lawsuit against Magtag. I want to be a part of it!

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I have noticed I can shave quite a bit of time off by making sure no other large water usage activities are going on that may reduce water pressure. In other words, no dishwasher running, no filling bathtub, no one taking a 20 minute showers.

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Sounds like the bearing are shot. In the spin cycle will it be costly to repair

Why does my Maytag top load washer take over an hour or even longer sometimes to wash a normal load of clothes

Because they are crappy washers. I’m so disappointed. I’d rather do to the laundry mat.

My Maytag washer takes 2.5 hours to wash on every cycle? How can we get the time decreased?

I spent a lot of time explaining the problems with our Maytag washer, which ran extended times and my wife said it beat her clothes to death. Solved the problem three month ago by replacing our 2 year old Maytag units with an LG washer and dryer. Expensive fix but I don't have an upset wife.

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My problem was slightly different but googling it got me here so for anyone else:

My maxima front loader would not start. I’d hit the button, it made the tone, the door locked but nothing happened. Off and on with the power button didn’t fix it, unplugging, waiting until I couldn’t turn it on, then plugging back in got it to run again, but the drum rarely moved and the clock barely counted down at all. I took off the back panel and unscrewed and cleaned out the very clogged coin trap. Once it was put back together it worked fine. I’m blaming covid since I pulled a few masks out

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This is by far the most ridiculous piece of garbage called a washing machine ever. Be cheaper going to the local laundromat

I'm not quite sure about this new Maytag my husband bought it because he thought the name was really good but I told him Kenmore or Samsung anyways too late now we have it we're stuck with it it takes 2 hours to fill up it's a piece of crap. It took us a year to get it even working from buying at Lowe's it took him a year to get out of here and fix it it never worked from day one still doesn't work it's a piece of crap I will never buy Frigidaire May tag I always buy Kenmore and Samsung this is it. To top it all off we have a 3-year warranty on this piece of junk I just want a different one I mean just give me something old different one I'll take it okay how do you put

Same here, how can it be efficient, I wish I would have never bought this washer, huge time and money waster....

Yup, wish I had never bought this washer. It starts by adding a little water then it spins and then goes through the same thing time and time again until it actually fills and washes. Next washer i get will be the agitator kind. This thing has spun so many time now it sounds like a jet engine on take off.

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I agree- waited by after 30 minutes- display said 1 minute- apparently Maytag time is one hour- can’t even do more than two loads a day because 6 hours later-

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