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Why my iMac doesn't turn on and makes strange alarm sound?

Hello! I had a problem with my logic board. So i took it out and send it to repair (it was not possible to send the whole mac). But when i installed the repaired logic board and turn the mac on it only turns on the fan and it makes an strange alarm sound. Here is a video when i turn it on. It is an especific error of something i did wrong? or it could be a lot of things? I'm doing it myself cause where i'm from we don't have many technical service. Thank Youuuuu


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I tried to hang videos on the post, in .mov and mp4, but it doesn't work.

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Sorry guy Vids are not supported within the IFIXIT medial vault. But you can create a URL link to a file hosting site (i.e. Vimeo, YouTube, and Screencast).

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From your posted video you appear to have a single tone which then repeats every 5 sec's. This implies there is no RAM installed.

Open the RAM slot on the bottom of the system and make sure the modules are the correct type and installed correctly.


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