Android 2.3 "Gingerbread"를 실행하는 Samsung Galaxy S II는 Samsung Electronics가 설계, 개발 및 판매한 스마트폰입니다.

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My phone samsung s4 doesnt come on

my phone s4 was off for 5 days in a bag when i take it and try to on it start but after some time it start to reboot continuously i surf on net about the reason i find out its button is defective.i remove the power button before removing i try to root the mobile with odin so many times and then remove the button. after that my phone does not come to on. if o.s software deleted it effect on the phone on/off?

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Is it a Samsung galaxy s4 or S2? Choose one.

Why would you root the phone if you intend on not using anything related to root?

And that is signs of a faulty battery I'd get that replaced first.

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