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Model A1199 / 2, 4, or 8 GB capacity

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Won't charge or sync

When I picked up my Nano after a year of non-use, the battery was completely dead (the battery did hold a good charge from what I remember before). I plugged my Nano into my computer, and Windows showed a "USB Device was not recognized" bubble. The Nano itself managed to boot up after a few seconds. However the battery bar shows a tiny red sliver rather than a charging sign and the backlight does not come on. As soon as I disconnect, the iPod dies. And trust me, I've tried multiple computers/USB cables/wall chargers.

So there's my symptoms. Any suggestions would be awesome. I'm quite clueless at the moment. It would seem like the battery's dead, since that seems to be common for an iPod at this age. However I don't understand why the iPod can't sync if it's only the battery that's dead. I mean, laptops can function perfectly fine on AC with the battery out.

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min is i will plug it in and it will chanrge but it will not show up on my computer to sync music or anything can you help

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I found a very simple fix. I know this will sound silly. But i had the same exact problem not charging then some how it was fully charged after two days of just sitting on my desk but then it just wouldn't sync, so after trying everything apple suggested with no luck the thought of those old nintendo cartridges came to mind.. I thought ha wouldn't hurt to try.. So I blow into the connection port of the ipod.. Then i plugged it in and it worked. I was blown away man But it worked! :) I'm syncing my Nano as I'm typing this. Try it, Good Luck.

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Thank you!

Just tried and it worked!

Flippin Apple!

Yep, I do not believe it but it worked!

Dead as a dodo & then back to life, just like that.

I'm amazed.

Thanks Denis

mine is charging just not syncing to any computer so i dont understand how u did it

what old nintindo cartriges

Haven't used ipod for years and thought I would charge it up. No luck until I read about blowing into the port on the ipod - charging happily now. Will see if it holds. Result, unbelievable!

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Try holding the select and menu key down simultaneously for 10 seconds to reset the ipod then try to connect again.

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My Nano has absolutely no power at all while it's disconnected, so I can't do that. And plus, it's booting up fresh every time I connect so it achieves the same purpose. I've also gone in to Diagnostics but couldn't really find anything useful.

So... you've tried multiple computers... So have any of the computers recognized it at all? Does it ever show up in itunes? Try reinstalling itunes or updating to the latest version try everything you can to get it recognized.

Then if all else fails replace the battery as per ifixit instructions and try again!

Liam Speirs

All the Windows computers showed the warning bubble, and Linux computers didn't react at all. iTunes diagnostics shows that there's no iPod connected.

I agree if there's no more suggestions I'll replace the battery, but as I said I don't understand why it can't sync if it's only the battery that's dead. Theoretically I should be able to sync it with the battery removed, right?

Can I ask why my response was downvoted? I'd like to know so I can avoid doing what I did wrong in the future. I believe suggesting a battery replacement as opposed to logic board was logical according to what andrewnonumbers said.

Except that's not what you suggested, you suggested something which would not work given the OP's situation/information, as he said, it has no power.

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After some more research, I think I've found the answer to my own question. Anyone else can feel free to verify or refute my claim.

I have found two instances (here and here) of iPods not getting recognized by a computer due to lack of a battery. Therefore I conclude that iPods, unlike every other battery-powered device out there, requires a battery for proper function despite the fact that a charging cable is present.

That means my iPod's simply suffering from a dead battery. And because I've already fully disassembled my iPod, and Nano batteries are dirt cheap, I think I will be doing a battery replacement. Problem solved?

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Except of course for the fact that an iPod will charge when tethered to a computer, so it would still probably function of f that power, just like AC, which makes me think Logic board, as like on laptops, I've often seen similar problems where the problem is the DC-in component. But as you say, nano batteries are dirt cheap, so go ahead and replace it, and if your problem prevails, I think we can conclude it's the logic board.

And an up-vote for doing your own research and possibly answering your question.

Mine worked the first few days and then it stop charging. Not on anything trust me. Can't connect to computer or anywhere. BTW I have an iPod nano 2nd generation and I'm sure there is no way to change the battery. I'm new to old iPods since my newer one broke cuz I dropped it and now I have to use an old one. Tell me if there is anyway!

Mine won't charge on anything. It doesn't respond when I plug it in. I have a very old (iPod nano 2nd generation) one and I'm not sure if there is any way to replace the battery. I'm very new to old iPods. My newer one broke cuz I droped it and now I am stuck with a very old one. Is there anyway to replace the battery?

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dude my ipod has the same exact thing, how wierd, well anyway I wanted to tell you that if you find a solution if you can tell me.If you choose to replace the battery please tell me if that was the solution. thanks so much - Alexandra

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No problem, I can do that (but you'll either have to watch this page or give me something to contact you by). And JW, what model is your iPod that this happened to?

You seem to have plenty of problems with your iPod's amedina!

don't worry i'll keep watching this page for info. my ipod is a nano 2nd generation. thanks for the cooperation

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Sounds like a bad hard drive or logic board, I'm inclined to think logic board, you can get replacement boards here.

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Remember this is a Nano, so no hard drive. I'm not sure about the logic board, but the thing still functions (play music, browse photos, etc) when connected. It's just that it doesn't charge up so once it's disconnected it dies. Does that qualify it as a logic board problem? If it does than I'm ditching it since the I could get a new Nano for not much more.

So it still functions? Update your original post with that info, thats important, now I'm less inclined to think logic board.

I did mention the battery bar, which leads to the fact that the iPod can still display the menu and thus function.

Hey @AndrewNoNumbers!

I have the same exact problem, iPod Nano 2nd gen doesn't work after disconnecting the USB wire from my laptop. Otherwise it said full charged once, syncs properly, was able to add music and I'm able to access the iPod and play music from it only when it is connected to my laptop but Safely Ejected(from the taskbar)

It was sitting idle for quite some time before I tried all this.

Extra Info :- Model MA477ZP Format Windows, Latest iTunes and iPod Software

Any help would be great as I have no idea as to what is wrong!!

I'm having a similar problem. My Ipod i havent used for a while but my charging is fine when use on a plug in the mains. But still will not connect to my Laptop or iTunes. Im due to go away in 6 days and need to update the songs. Can someone please help me?

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Not sure if u tried this but worth a shot! Im trying to find a reliable repair shop to change battery in my 5th gen….apple wont touch it! Good Luck


Update (12/29/2018)

The steps to reboot or restart your iPod are different depending on the model.

For the original iPod, iPod (2nd Gen), and iPod (3rd Gen) plug the iPod into the power adapter and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet (or plug the iPod into a computer), and reset it by depressing the "menu" and "play/pause" simultaneously and continue to hold both buttons until the Apple logo appears.

For all models with a "Clickwheel" -- starting with the iPod (4th Gen) and provided by all subsequent models with the exception of the iPod shuffle and iPod touch lines and the iPod nano (6th Gen) -- plug the iPod to the power adapter and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet (or plug the iPod into a computer), and reset it by depressing the "menu" and "select" (the center button) until the Apple logo appears. For additional details on resetting the iPod, please refer to "Resetting iPod" from the Apple Support Site.


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