replaced lamp, cannot reset lamp hours because lamp will not light up

I have a 67 DLP tv, I needed to replace the lamp, which I did but the lamp would not light up. I hear the click of the TV going on and powering up but then it turns off on its own then back on again a few times until it shuts down and only the red standby light and the two green lamp and timer lights blink simultaneously. I have reset the lamp - taken out put back in, doesn't' help. I read on a different forum that you need to clear the lamp hours by using the "code" (mute +1+8+2+power button) but yet, this does not work because I can not get the lamp to go on. I have even purchased 2 separate lamps in the slim chance one was defective. I also, took the new lamps and replaced them in my other 62' Samsung DLP and the lamps are good and they work.

What started all this is I had to replace my #2 fan, which I did and it worked for a day or two then BAMN...lamp blew. The fan is working.

ANY advice or insight will be greatly appreciated!! BEFORE I have to take to a tv repair place.

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