No audio after charging port replacement, possible ESD damage?

Hi eveyrbody, today I was replacing a galaxy s5 charging port flex cable.

Before closing the smartphone I tested it and I noticed that suddendly I had no audio from the back speaker and from the front speaker also.

I said strange, after having removed the screen I had audio, I heard it from the booting screen of the phone.

Now the only thing I'm thinking is: is it possible that I killed an IC, a filter, a resistor or a capacitor that was in charge of all the audio of the smartphone by an ESD discharge?

Yeah, I don't work in an anti-static environment now, I'm gonna implement it in the near future I promise.

That's the only thing I'm thinking right now because after having excluded a software disease I don't know what to think.

Thanks in advance


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ESD would NOT be my first suspect. Most electronics are fairly resilient to that now. That being said the price of being ESD safe is small compared to the benefits. I would first do a hard reboot of the phone, its an S5 so removed the battery, hold down the power for 30 seconds and then replace the battery and boot the phone. If this does not resolve the problem then it could be a loose connection from having the phone apart.

Sometimes you may have something stuck in your headphone jack that makes the phone think there are headphones connected and will route all audio to that instead. try cleaning the headphone jack and see if it helps. best of luck.

Thanks everyone for your answers.

Unfortunately I already tried to do a hard reboot of the phone and a wipe cache also with no luck.

Moreover if I put in the headphones the phone recognizes them and shows the symbol in the upper left corner but still no audio even from the headphones.

I'm suspecting an hardware failure somewhere and that's why I said ESD because before unscrewing the middle plate under the AMOLED the audio was working fine.

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