The LG CU400 is the first in LG's CU phone series, released in December 2006 . It is a clamshell style cell phone that has Push To Talk with basic 3G data. The CU400 offers Bluetooth, video, multi-tasking, and voice recording.

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Why does my phone not hold a charge?

My phone’s battery life has gone down significantly. The charge only lasts for two to four hours after reaching 100%.

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If the battery life on the phone is not what it once was then a common issue are running programs using too much energy to run. The two main culprits are the 3G and Bluetooth settings. Just by turning these off you will get another one to three hours per charge out of your battery. Make sure to go through your settings and make sure they are set to as many of the battery saving options as possible. If this does not work then I suggest testing your phone with a new battery. Your current battery may be nearing the end if its life. For directions on how to change your settings visit LG CU400 Troubleshooting.

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