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Why wont my Laptop start up, even after changing the 2 Batteries

I am having trouble rebooting my laptop (1.67Ghz,120HD,2Gb RAM,MacOs 10.4.9 or 10.4.11)

Have taken RAM out, swapped slots, done the PMU reset, holdiing power key for 5-10 sec, ect. All with no luck.

Came back from holidays & it wouldnt get past the DVD check.

There is NO Vid display at all, not even a flicker.

the DVD seems be trying to eject maybe a DVD.

The batt was playing up before I left on holidays, charged to 99% full, take out power AC, at 75% would want to shut down cuz of low batt even though screen display said 75%.

Is there a button to push on the Board like on a desktop G4 logic board

Also had a different sound insted of the normal chime. like a "dong" sound, then the light on the front open switch flickered fast & brightly for about 5 secs.

What is the different sound mean foloowed by the rapid flickers of the light.???

Have swapped new main batt. & new PRAM batt.

Much appreciated for your advice please.

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Hi rj713....Have done all as you mentioned

There is still no response from the laptop .... there was a "funny" long chime sound, after I did the FORCE SHUTDOWN. I think its the "death sound".

It seems to get stuck on trying to evict a DVD, even though there is no DVD in the driver.

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Try resetting your PMU--link provided. Link also provided to reset your PRAM.

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Try disconnecting the DVD drive and see if you have the same problem.

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