External Monitor Settings For ROG GL752


I own asus rog GL752 17.3 and Im looking forward to buy a external monitor for my laptop to increase my at home gaming experience.

I was wondering what type of monitor is ideal to connect to my laptop 140hz or 60hz and what is the hz of this laptop?

OBS: I wanna improve or at least keep the fps for my games using new monitor.

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dreage3 I'd go with a 140Hz monitor. It refreshes quicker and it has a lot less motion blur which will be better for a good FPS game. Make sure you max out your memory and your video card definitely supports a higher refresh rate. The refresh rate is typically 60Hz to match the refresh rate of most monitors. Maximum will be the refresh rate of your monitor....

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You may wish to check the capabilities (available settings) of the graphics adapter in the laptop before you get the external monitor. It will only be as good as what the graphics adapter can produce. I think that it is a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M with 2G/4G GDDR5 VRAM. Reading the specs of the card gives its capabilities but as it perhaps been integrated by Asus to work in its laptop its specs may be a bit different to what the OEM specs say. Just a thought.

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