How can we replace the face of watch

Watch face cracked when it fell off wrist and hit the floor, face down.

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Most Smart watches have replaceable lenses . If you contact the company you may be able to get a replacement . To open the watch just pry around the edges with a guitar pick or plastic card like a credit card. try not to use anything metal to pry with as you may go in to deep and damage the internal circuitry of the watch. Once you have the face removed just push on the glass and it should pop out. If not it may be glued , if so heat from a hair dryer or heat gun will soften the glue and then you should be able to push it out. Hope this helps

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Nice to see you back ;-) Hope you're feeling much better.

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@mayer doctors just gave me clearance to start playing on the computer again and watching TV . I'm hoping by the end of next week I'll be cleared to start driving again. Sitting around doing nothing is one of the most frustrating things Ive ever done

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When I was in a cast for a year and a half I got addicted to soap operas and learned to hook rugs, sad ;-( But the rug won second place at the fair.

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@mayer A year and a half I thought 8 weeks with wires and screws through my knuckles was bad. What did you do to deserve that? I have spent the last 2 week in the shop tiring to rebuild my bike .Kinda slow procedure one handed The way it looks right now I don't think it would even get a thanks for participating ribbon.

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