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Bluetooth Speaker not charging.


my Bluetooth speaker stopped charging one day. As far as I know it did not suffer any physical damage or anything of sorts. I used to carry it with me sometimes but usually in a bag.

It still has some juice in it because it turns on but after a few seconds turns itself of with not enough battery. LED indicator doesn't even lit up when I connect it to USB cable.

I already opened the device and well everything looks in place. So, if anyone have any idea of what might be the faulty part I would be grateful for suggestions.

It's actually pretty cheap but I am kinda curious what went wrong.

Thank you.

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For anyone that might still have the problem, I have something that might work.

I tried this but it didn't work. What I did afterwards was taking apart the entire speaker and reconnecting all the plugs. After that I tested to see if it charged but it didn't. I then figured out there is a reset option. Hold the battery indicator button until it says something along the lines of "factory reset" if that is in chinese than google translate will do the job.

After this it still didn't charge so I gave up and let it sit on my desk for a while. When I plugged it in a couple of days later it charged again!

Try my method without taking it apart first and if it doesn't work than try taking it apart at your own risk if you want to.

Hope this helps!

Have used my Q3 Bluetooth for long and I charged it it’s charged and to on it, it does not on what can cause that and what’s the solution to it

I just resolved my problem with my Doss Soundbox Pro not charging. When it is charging but plugged in, there is a red light inside the reset port that stays on red. When fully charged, the light goes out.

In the not charging scenario, that same red light flashes or blinks. And no amount of time will see it start charging, even after a reset.

So, I visited Youtube and there were only two videos on this subject, both fairly short.

The first showed a very simple way of getting lint and any other foreign matter out of the charging port, safely.

The second was easier. He stated that simply changing the cord solved his problem, showing the use of the cord in question and then replacing it with one that got the speaker charging as it should. Easy peasy.

Finally, consider Occam's Razor, (the right answer is usually the simplest), before tearing your bluetooth speakers apart.

Hi my sd-306 karaoke speaker is not charging. The lights is still red as its not turning green. Pls help.


My W-King speaker worked great for a couple months. Then one day while using it, it shut off. I had used it extensively for two days without recharging so I figured the battery was drained.

I plugged it in, but it wasn't charging. After several attempts and frustration I discovered the combination.

First I plugged in a USBC into a wall adapter and the other USBC terminal into the speaker. It didn't work.

I dug out the cable that came with the speaker and plugged the standard USB terminal into the speaker and the USBC terminal into the wall adapter. No bueno.

I tried to charge my phone (USBC) and it worked with the standard USB end in a USB wall adapter and USBC piece in my phone.

With this combo, the speaker charged

*Wall adapter-USB-USBC-W King speaker*

Hope this helps someone.

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@raggedyman , Dusan, If battery completely discharged try leaving on charge 24 hours. Try a couple different USB charge cables and different charge port or compatible charger. You can test to see if battery is receiving a charge by placing a DVOM on the batteries -/+ leads, check battery before plugging in then check with charger cable plugged in to see if voltage increased(which would tell you charge cable/port is OK) and battery defective and will not receive/hold sufficient charge.

Look on the battery it self for #'s etc. and google search for a replacement possibly.Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Similar problem with my XianoMi speaker as well. Stopped taking a charge. Led does not light at all. Will try long duration chrg cycle. Not sure how to take unit apart to check / replace possible faulty battery. Tips / how to disassemble model: NDZ-03-GB?

Jason H. Tear down link below for Xiaomi (Mi) Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (NDZ-03-GA). Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


Thank you for suggested link but it is for NDZ-03-GA (round single spkr). Specific Bluetooth speaker I have NDZ-03-GB (rectangular dual spkr). Tried long charge, nada. Unit not working, became determined. First step to get face plate off. Used wide wood chisel to wedge between plastic / aluminum frame, gently twisted either side to lift plate up / off. Eight small screws on metal face plate. Plastic back can then pry off in same fashion. Very fine wiring to each spkr. Problem battery well glued (probably silicone) seems cheap and soft, likely to rip apart during extraction. Might give up and buy another speaker if this thing more dangerous than it's worth - jh

Jason H, Sorry the link did not pan out, well you did make some head way on the speaker. I have heard of some people using heat(hair dryer) on the back side of device to heat area of where glue is holding battery to aid in releasing(not too hot) and a very flexible putty knife blade to pry and cut away at that type of sealant/glue. Hey if at any time you start feeling uncomfortable/ in danger, STOP, as it is not worth it. Treat yourself, buy another speaker. Have a good evening.

My BC model 16WMSO7OD-SLV won't charge and the Led wont light up either, I havent had it a full week but didnt use it on the weekend. Now I need it for tomorrow and it wont charge... Help!?

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I don’t know if my answer helps, it was strange even for me but it worked so I will share it.

I have a PEAQ bluetooth box (quite cheap really) and I put it on charge all night and woke up finding it wasn’t charging at all. I plugged it in and out and in and out and it stays on red for a bit then goes completely off each time. I kept fooling around with the buttons and pressed the two buttons (button for forward and button for backward) at the same time for about two or three seconds and then it shut off and when I clicked on the play button (turn on button) this time it worked. It’s so random I have no idea if this helps but since it worked for me I’m sharing this trick.

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I own a pair of DOSS Soundbox Pros and had a similar problem with a brand new one. I did a ton of research and tried a few things but none of them worked.

Then, one day, I thought if I try a different cable? It worked. SO, I tried every other cable in the house that fit and I found a few that torked and some that did not. This leads me to believe that tolerances from some manufacturers may not be as exacting as others.

Hope this helps someone dow the road.

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I think I fried built in charge controller with electric cigaret adapter. It has built in one and they must have not got along together.

The cigaret charger is designed to charge accumulator with same voltage. Maybe with smaller amperage but it should just take more time to charge.

I bypassed the built-in adapter (mounted on the battery) with a wire. Plugged into controlled adapter. Will see if it charges.

If nothing else, I will be stuck with this cigaret charger.

My speaker model is Intempo EE1736RGSTK.

Edit: It worked! After 2 hours of charging, the green light on adapter turned off and now to test the speaker, I have been listening to good music for good half an hour on battery.

After reading article on internet, I found that batteries can be charged with normal direct current too. It is just given the charging took 2h, that time should not be exceeded as there would be no stopper when battery is full.

So I am not even stuck with this adapter forever.

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Hi, Please turn on the speaker and then try to charge it. Hope it works.

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Get a new battery maybe is the answer lol

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I figured it out. Defiant multi color touch light speaker ….press the power and the mode button at the same time and hold them both down . And you will see the speaker light up again. . I did have it plugged in when I did it. Back to jammin!!!!

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I have a lexuco bluetooth speaker,,it was charging fine, when I noticed that the red light was fading and getting weaker, till it went off, I opened it and found the red light was broken, but I need to know will it still charge if the light is broken or not

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What I have been beating my head around was that once it stops charging, it stops also working with it just being wired. So literally today I discovered and therefore so surprised to see an update to this thread after several years of silence on the very exact date is that in order for the device to work off a USB cable (I believe you do not need the mobility that often anyway and if you did, you could just bring a battery pack) was to disconnect the faulty battery / circuit altogether because that is what drains the USB power supply and does not let the device to work. My thingy EE1736 had its battery charging circuit mounted on the actual battery so easy to remove with an elegant clip of scissors.

Block Image

Extract the hairy beast out of your device to happily live ever after.

I now use the board from the speaker to power my computer speakers after my amplifier died and appear to be a decent choice.

Block Image

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