Turns on with chime but no display

So I have this MacBook Pro 13" which I am rebuilding but I've ran into an issue where the Macbook does turn on with chime sound but there is an no display issue.

The screen appears to light up very slightly, I checked for any image for no backlight issue but no image appears to be displayed. Once I unplug the magsafe charger cable and turn it off the screen turns off from the light up very slightly.

Do you think the screen may be at fault because it shows light up very slightly, no image.

I checked the LCD (IPEX) connector on the logic board and it appears to be fine, no corrosion, burn marks. I also checked under and above the logic board, don't see any liquid damage as well. I'm suspecting maybe the LCD cable went bad or screen has just gone bad for whatever reason and needs to be replaced completely instead.

Or could it be a board level issue because I can see like two pads or traces on the logic board may have been ripped, near the I/O port area of the logic board.

Here is an example image of where the ripped solder pads / circuit trace may be. I don't remember well because I just finished work and am at home. I'll post pictures tomorrow when I get to work.

Block Image

It's near one of those square boxes marked on the image.

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Take a look at step #16 of this guide and compare it to your board to see if there are differences in the area you are concerned about: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early 2011 Logic Board Replacement

Turns out just to be for the fire-wire port connection so nothing to worry about.

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