Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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My iPhone 6 Plus won't turn on. How can I extract data?


I have an iPhone 6 Plus. It's almost 2 years old, and it's been suffering from "Touch Disease" for the last 4 months or so. 3 days ago, the screen turned red with vertical white lines, and then stopped functioning altogether. I could no longer turn on the phone. Every time I tried to charge the phone, it seemed as though nothing was happening. I opened it up and checked to see if the battery got disconnected, but it didn't. The screen itself wouldn't turn on either, and all the ribbon cables were connected. I tried connecting it to iTunes, but iTunes wouldn't detect it either. When I pressed the home and power buttons together, iTunes would sometimes pick it up, and Windows would make the sound it usually makes when external drives are plugged in, but the phone isn't actually accessible by the computer, or iTunes, and the computer doesn't recognize that something is plugged into the USB port. I checked device manager. iTunes partially sees the phone, and says that it needs to be restored or updated. It doesn't recognize it as my phone though, it just shows the serial number. I clicked update, but then errors 4005 and 4013 show up every now and then, and then it mentions that the phone can't be updated.

I took it to a repair shop, and we tested multiple screens and batteries on it, but it still wouldn't turn on. The people at the shop said that the motherboard likely burned out from Touch Disease.

I haven't backed it up in about 2 months, and there is a lot of data on there that I would need, including contacts, text messages, and notes. I don't think my phone automatically syncs to iCloud over the air, but I can't remember, and I haven't done a computer or iCloud backup via iTunes in about 2 months. Is there any chance that my phone automatically synced contacts, text messages, and notes since 2 months ago over the air? If not, is there any way for me to remove the hardware from my iPhone and manually extract the data using any sort of device?

I appreciate any help. Thank you so much in advance!

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Unfortunately, the only way to extract data is to get the phone working nominally and then sync it to iTunes. It is possible that the Touch Disease and the Red lines are coincidental and unrelated. What caused your Touch Disease (flexing and bending perhaps) may also have caused issues elsewhere.

As for your backup, just log onto and enter your AppleID and password. From there you can check if you have your latest pictures and data on iCloud Drive. You can also open iTunes and look for the last backup (Edit/Preferences/Devices) . If it synced over the air, you will see it.

If you have your data, you can either replace your iPhone 6+ with the new replacement program ( or buy a new phone. Keep in mind that Apple will replace your device with a refurbished phone and there are many reports that these refurbs can also suffer from Touch Disease.

If you don't have your data online and you need to recover it, then look for a qualified repair shop that does micro-soldering. They can repair your Touch Disease and possibly the other issues to get your data back and maybe even render your phone fully operational.

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You can check whether your iPhone automatically to iCloud by going to Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Manage (on Mac computer) or opening iCloud for Windows > Manage (on PC).

If yes, congratulations! You can restore your another iPhone from iCloud backup to get back the data on this iPhone 6+.

Or you can also directly extract your data in iCloud backup with the help of this article: How to Access iCloud Backup.

Hope this helps!

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Can you connect your iPhone to your PCwith the USB successfully now? if you can , read the following article about how to recover data from dead iPhone, this data recovery software would help you scan your iphone, and then dispaly your data,including existing and deleted data , then you could recover selectively data you need and save them in your PC, then transfer them to your new iphone. good luck to you.

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Thanks for sharing but where can I find the article link? Thanks.

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