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I have a forgein model Samsung TV LA40D503F7R

My Tcon board is bad BN94-04845S is the board but of course living in the US I cannot find the exact board. The only one which comes close and is readily available is the BN94-04845T but it has an extra HDMI port. Correct me if I am wrong but these TVs need the exact board to work?

I am just trying to find an answer before I end up scrapping this TV. And yes, I have called, emailed, live chat with Samsung US and UAE with no help.

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@cmb "need the exact board to work" not necessarily. There are some interchange abilities. Where in the did the TV come from?

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Hi @oldturkey03

He mentioned that he contacted Samsung UAE (United Arab Emirates) so think perhaps it might be from there. If so they use the PAL B/G system.

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@jayeff yeah I figured something like that since this model pops up a lot on the African market as well. Looking at the LN40D503F6FXZA HN01 which appears to be the t-con counterpart to that, the NTSC/Pal standards do not seem to matter since the digital TV supports those.

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@cmb "need the exact board to work" not necessarily. There are some interchange abilities. Where in the World did the TV come from? There are a few different ways to determine if it would work. You could go ahead and purchase the board from a reputable dealer and try it out. Return if it does not work. Or you could call dealers like and others to see if they can assist you with that. The last way would be via the schematic. You'd need the service manual :-) for the LA40D503F7R and a manual for a

LN40D503F6FXZA HN01 to see how the wiring differs (if at all) for those two boards. If you are up to it, start by removing the back of you rTV and post some images of all your boards etc. with your question. For that use this guide I was wondering how you determined that it is a failed T-con board....

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