Laptop won't boot to USB recovery disc

Original question:

"I connected my laptop to my tv via hdmi. Then I removed it before the computer was able to switch to tv. Now when I turn the computer on it looks as if it's starting up normally (shows the Toshiba load screen) then it goes to a blue screen the says 'your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We will restart it for you.' It also says 'stopcode: unmountable boot volume.' Then it goes to the Todhiba screen again but this time it says it's starting automatic repair or something. Lastly, the screen goes blank (It's still backlit).

I'm using Windows 10. I do not have a DVD for it.

It says system BIOS version is 6.30."


Someone told me to create a recovery disk on a USB stick from someone using Windows 10. Then to change my boot order and so on.

I plugged the USB, started the BIOS, changed the boot order, saved and exited. Then the screen went blank. I restarted the computer. It showed the Toshiba load screen then the blank screen again.

Does this mean my hard drive is broken? I even tried plugging in an external monitor to see if the screen was damaged. The laptop did not switch over to the other screen. I was thinking about ordering an adapter so I could take out the hard drive and plug it into another computer, but I don't want to waste my time if the HDD is no good.

One more question. F12 on restart brings up the Boot Menu. Would HDD Recovery delete pictures?

As you can tell I do not know much about computers. I'm praying this is an easy fix. Pictures are backed-up on hard drive. We couldn't figure out iTunes, so we put them on the computer instead. Stupid mistake.

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Nobody will answer this because its a a major issue with the motherboard and Toshiba is a POS...Period...I got the same issue and looked all over the internet for the answer and the answer is always...Turn off the Secure boot, Switch to CSM boot...but none of those fixes work....No I got a laptop with no operating system and it wont boot to USB or the CD rom so its a lump of SH** as far as I am concerned...NEVER buy Toshiba again is my answer. Good luck

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Go here and click "download tool now", and run the download. When it asks you, click "create install media for another PC." As you go through setup, make sure everything matches the edition of windows you currently have installed, such as 64/32 bit, home/pro edition, ect. Once you have done this, put the flash drive in your Toshiba laptop, use express install and it should find windows already on the drive. A way to test if your hard drive is the problem is to do the above, but tell it to do a custom installation and install it on the flashdrive itself. If you need any more help, I can definitely offer more input. BTW, there is no guarantee that a restore won't delete the pictures.

One other thing: google photos offers free photo storage up to 16mp, and is very simple to set up. Once you get your PC fixed, go to, then follow the very simple setup. Once you setup, click the upload button, and follow that setup. The setup is quite easy. If you get the app it will upload photos from your phone too!

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