Galaxy S7 Edge는 Samsung의 2016년 주력 휴대폰 Galaxy S7의 곡선형-스크린 버전입니다. 2016년 2월에 발표되었으며 3월 11일에 출시되었습니다. 모델 SM-G935.

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compatability between different color of galaxy s7 edg screen assembly

Hi, guys, anybody know for sure if the pink galaxy s7 edge screen can compatible with other colors? cause samsung after service personnel told me that it will not be compatible and cannot install a different color LCD on a pink gold s7, what's the differences between different colors? thanks for advises!

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I suggest that you contact this supplier and verify what was told to you was true or not.

In this link they advertize 4 screen/digitizer assemblies. Two show their colour option (black and gold -but are not in stock) and the other two do not state their colour. They all show that they are compatible with the same model numbers.

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Yes, but I believe white is for international only - unless of course that's changed! Never can tell..

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