Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Replacement screen not active in all regions, ghost touching

Have not yet stuck screen to body of iPad. Upon making the 3 connections with adhesive wifi and having transferred home button have these issues

Intermittent ghost touching where apps open and actions occur without touching screen which is gently resting atop open iPad body and has no load on it.

Can swipe down from top but not up from bottom those guys o can select apps from home tray and open with touch. Can't select apps at top or bottom but can select and open apps across middle of screen when in portrait mode. Power button alone doesn't work but when hold power and home can do reset so button works that way. Screen quality appears ok but not responsive in these and other ways.

I have not yet transferred the small microsolder piece that is said to detect closing of Smart Cover....

Replaced screen because cracked and have made many iPad repairs before. Issues present only after screen change.

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There are a few possibilities here...

  • You may not have seated the connectors for the digitizer correctly. See step 32 of the linked guide. There should always be a satisfying but subtle "snap". The connectors themselves are very delicate and can be broken quite easily. Inspect them with a magnifying glass or loupe. iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Display Assembly Replacement
  • Hopefully you isolated the battery prior to disconnecting the screen assembly. This usually damages the backlight but running current through the connectors as you remove and insert them is always risky, especially if they are not aligned properly.

* You may just have a defective screen. Did you buy it from a reputable supplier?

Still, I would focus on the first possibility here as everything else seems to work. A bad connection will cause those behaviours.

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