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still no lcd even if replaced lcd

hello people, i have an iphone 5s, wich still have no lcd after battery and screen replacement, its frustating, tried restore and hard reset, rereplacing etc., but nothings happend to get my lcd signal back. Again replaced screen with second brand new one but still the same problem.

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First i want to ask to you all,

i have a small screw hole ring with a very small and thin cable on it, at the top upper inside middle my iphone, where this must been connected to? and will it help getting back lcd if i add the metal plate on the backside of the screen and remove the red plastic sheet, or goes the signal really only over the lcd flat cable?? also, i've read here somewhere that someone has pulling all metal lips a bit little op and say it worked. This all 3 questions, will this work getting back my lcd signal?

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Have bought an iPhone 5c but want this getting to work. So anybody know something wat i can try?

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You need to first determine if the phone wont turn on or the screen wont turn on. Plug it into itunes and if it connects you have a lcd problem, if it says your in recovery mode you may be stuck in DFU mode, holding the power & home button for 10-15secs will reboot your phone. If the phone wont do anything you either have a bad battery or you have damaged something when you changed the screen.

That little metal thing wont stop the lcd from tuning on and bending the lcd tabs wont do anything either.

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i think it's a bad backlight chip at motherboard. if i look really close to the screen the phone works

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