Some keys not working after spill, replacement only helps partially

Some keys were not working - I believe six or seven in total - when I received the MacBook Pro. After having replaced the keyboard, some keys appear to be working again, but not all of them. The whole right side of the keyboard (from 7, U, J and M to the right) no longer works. I tried resetting PRAM and SMC, but to no avail. I could try and boot another operating system to see whether the issue is software related?

Although sirup was spilt on the keyboard, there appears to be no sign of it below the keyboard. Neither casing nor motherboard show any sign of water damage. I was wondering, however, whether the issue could be with the trackpad, as one of the keyboard connectors is attached there. As the trackpad seems to be non-removable, should I consider replacing the whole upper part?

I am out of ideas and would appreciate any hints as to what I could try to make the keyboard work again. Thanks in advance!

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I justed added some additional info, because I tried a few additional things.

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