Unstable Picture On Samsung HDTV

I have tried 4 Samsung TV's of this model. They all have the same issues.

Picture brightness and quality varies, even over a period of several minutes or hours. The picture can be too dark, flesh tones, faces will appear blue, especially with blue backgrounds. At times, it may look great. Bright picture, warm natural flesh tones. Sometimes it may take 2 1/2 hours for it to "warm up" to a good picture. I am very disappointed in the Samsung's instability. Some nights, it is PATHETIC! I have tried unplugging, plugging back in (rebooting). Nothing seems to work. Are all Samsung TV's like this? The four I've tried all were! The first three I tried were from Best Buy, but this last one, is from Sears. It's not the store, but the inferior product. Out of the box, these TVs are far too dark for me. I have it on standard picture with the back light advanced all the way to 20, and other adjustments set around this back light setting. Bright is about 70. Thanks so much foryour help!

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Square one this a.m. The only thing that's going to help that TV is kick it out the back door! I give up. Dark picture, and with just 10 minutes watching, I could see the faces going blue. That thing needs hauled to the landfill! Samsung garbage!

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Before you hurt your foot.

If possible can you try connecting a DVD player to an input and see if it occurs when watching a DVD (or any other type of video source that you may have)? Also try using a different type of input (again if possible - i.e. if your current connection uses HDMI try using AV or at least something other than the type now in use.

What is your current picture source, antenna, cable, satellite and how are you connected coax input, HDMI, etc?

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Have you tried turning the Eco sensor off to see if this resolves your problem.

Go to Menu > System > Eco Solution > Eco sensor

Here is a link the the user manual for your TV, scroll down to p.12 to see a description of what it does.

If it works then you may have to restore the other settings that you changed back to their defaults and then optimize them again to get the exact picture quality that suits you best.


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I have everything turned off I can find. Thanks.

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Well it deleted every word. I had said that last night under "Gaming" I found something turned ON called BD Wise. I turned it off, and today the picture looks so much better! I don't know if this fixed it or if it is in one of it's good phases. The next few viewing periods, nights will tell the tale. BD Wise is supposed to provide a good picture for GAMING, VCR's, etc. I do hope this did fix it. Thanks!

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