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Jeep doesn't want to start, need help!

I have a '92 Wrangler YJ, 2.5l 4cyl.. I just bought a new starter recently because of the same thing.. It left me stranded at the park but all of my lights and everything else worked. I just had oil in my starter but I fixed the leak. This time, it blew a 50 amp alt pwr.2 fuse and also the 10amp I.O.D fuse as well.. I replaced them, and now nothing comes on, not my lights or even my guages. I've tested my battery and its not dead. I tried crossing the poles on the starter to try to start it, it acted like it wanted to crank but it started making a sound like boiling water makes so I unhooked it from fear it'd catch fire. Any suggestions? I need help as soon as possible. Could it be my starter, solenoid, relays? Anything. PLEASE HELP!

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Disconnect the starter then see if your lights work or if theres a short in the starter . If it got a lot of oil in it its probably shorting in the starter. You can test the starter off the jeep with booster cables .This is done by hooking a ground to the case and hitting the pole on the starter with the power. Odds are you will need to replace it again . Hope this helps

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