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I cant redownload snapchat it only shows icloud sign

The other day i accidentally deleted snapchat off my iphone (ive had for almost 3 years now) and i went to go redownload, it shows the loading sign, then goes back to the redownload icloud symbol, over and over no matter how many times ive tried.

As for other apps i try to download that i never have before, i put in my icloud password and everything, it loads, then it shows the icloud redownload sign. I dont understand, ive tried resetting and iphone went blue then to iphone logo. HELP

I really dont care how to fix it i just need a way to get snapchat back

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You're out of memory. Likely you have a 16 gig phone, which doesn't get you very far anymore. If you want snapchat back, you'll have to delete some other things. Btw pictures are worth a kilobyte. Not worth very much

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