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Still orange light, no wi-fi signal


First I sorry for my bad english

I have TIME CAPSULE 1TB A1355 from second hand and i have some problem with it.

When i plug in to power time capsule have a green light for the one second, afer that light change to orange. Nothing more happens. Device doesnt sent any wifi signal, my laptop doesnt see it. I try do connect by RJ cabel but Airport Utility see only wirless signal. So i cant do it anything. Reset button from device not help me. I working on normal laptop with windows 10.

Thank You very much for any answers.

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Hi, Did you try holding in the reset button while you plugged in the power to see if this does anything?

Can you connect it by ethernet to your modem router (if you have one) to see it does anything?

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When I hold the reset buton while i pluged in the power after few seconds orange light start to twinkle then i stop holding but this not help.

I have router TPLINK. When i plug in time capsule router cant see anything...

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Hi, Have you got access to an Apple device e.g. iPhone, Ipad and see if they can connect to it, just to prove that it is working OK. Apple hasn't supported Windows in their routers etc since Win 7

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My iPhone cant see time capsule too. So i think maybe i dont know how to say in English.. device which gives signal is broken ?

If i have right and i cant repair it maybe i remove only hard disc from TC and start using like flash drive...

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A solid amber LED, following a green one, would indicate that the power circuit in the Time Capsule has failed. No resets will bring it back unfortunately.

Your A1355 model, came out in Oct. 2009 and were discontinued by Apple in Jun 2011. They are currently considered "Vintage" by Apple Support. Most consumer-grade networking hardware have a useful lifespan of about 3-5 years. Yours is well beyond that time frame.

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