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Why is my LCD overheating?

After replacing my lcd with one of the ifixit screens, I find that during a call - and only during a call - the display heats up, particularly around the top speaker, where your ear is located during a call. This doesn't happen if I use my phone to for other uses, email/chrome etc. Has anyone experienced this?

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It's most likely the front camera assembly being at fault from my experience.

Can you confirm that the front camera, earpiece speaker, auto brightness, proximity sensor (when you put the phone near your ear during calls the screen turns off to prevent accidental touching of screen). Also the top microphone which can be tested by putting the phone in speakerphone mode and checking if the caller can hear your voice during speakerphone mode.

All this testing is for the front camera assembly.

If one of those functions do not work properly at all then I recommend replacing the front camera ribbon cable assembly.

Guide to replace the part:

iPhone 5s Front Facing Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement

You can buy the replacement part from iFixit online store:

iPhone 5s/SE Front Camera and Sensor Cable

iPhone 5s/SE Front Camera and Sensor Cable 이미지


iPhone 5s/SE Front Camera and Sensor Cable


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