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iPhone 5s Completely dead?

Hi people!

I have the opportunity to buy the damaged iPhone 5s.

The problem is that the iPhone can't turn on.

I mean the seller writes on auction that: "he replacement battery and after two months he can't charge iPhone, so he replacement battery again, but it did not resolve the problem.

He can't turn on the iPhone and also he can't restore software(probably he tries to do it with iTunes). Display shows only this what is on the picture"

In my opinion only need to upload new software using Shift + Restore iTunes

What do you think guys?

Block Image

Update (12/29/2016)

Hi guys!

I gives you update what is currently happening with my phone.

Sooooo ... I bought new original battery (although that seller had original battery. I don't know what he had in mind by saying "non-original battery") Anyway.

I tried to enter DFU Mode, but it did not work;

I tried to instal new software using Shift + Restore, but it did not help as well;

I now have stains / artifacts (Picture bellow). I cleaned the contacts as the people wrote in the forums. but it did not work :(

What should I do it?

Block Image

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If you're lucky, a DFU Mode restore may solve your problem but the fact that his first replacement battery stopped charging after 2 months and the new one also does not work is indicative of, at the very least, a bad battery. However, it could also be a damaged charge circuit.

Unless you have the parts or tools or skills, I would not encourage you to buy phones that are already non-functioning from people you don't know.

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Thank you for the quick reply! I appreciate it!

I will try to enter the DFU mode. I'll tell you this afternoon(timezone) whether I was able to fix the phone!

By the way seller told me that he had a non-original battery, so I have yet to buy a new original battery :/

Also I have tools and skill (to be honest I worked with few phones[also with apples] and they are working fine so far) don't worry about that. I just wanted to ask if anyone had a similar problem

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Shift+Restore just allows you to select a firmware file. It is no different from just clicking restore.

If it is a bad aftermarket quality battery the phone will not allow itself to be restore it would end up failing to restore usually because of that. This is a pretty popular issue on iPhone 4s replacement batteries.

If you can get a hold of an original iPhone 5s battery it will help a lot.

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I did update the post

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It looks like the LCD connector is improperly connected.

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I plugged all correctly

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