5th generation 626, built on the GF platform.

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fuse and location for trunk release

I locked my keys in the trunk. I want to see if the fuse for the trunk release needs replacing. I have never used it. I need the location and the amps before I go to the parts store.

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There is no mention of a fuse for the trunk lid release in the manual or for any other door actuator either. As the trunk lid is part of the security system for the vehicle its' operation may be controlled by the BCM (body control module) in conjunction with the door arm boot lid switch, correct car key or key wireless signal. However this is just conjecture on my part.

The vehicle's primary key will manually open the trunk lid by turning the lock, the secondary key will not.

If you can get into the cabin of the vehicle you can either open the trunk lid by using the switch on the door arm rest or you should be able to manually release the trunk lid by lowering the back of the rear seat and actuating the trunk release handle inside the trunk.

Here are three images taken from the owner manual which describe how to release the trunk lid using the release handle.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

(Click on images to enlarge for better viewing).

If neither the door arm rest boot lid switch or the primary or secondary keys, remotely open the trunk lid then I suggest that you take the vehicle to a Mazda dealer to get it checked out as it may be either a BCM fault or a boot lid actuator fault.

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