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2014년 9월 19일에 출시된 이 4.7” 스크린 iPhone은 iPhone 6 Plus의 작은 버전입니다. 모델 번호 A1549, A1586 및 A1589로 식별됩니다.

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Headphone Mic not Working on iPhone 6


I've an iPhone 6. When I connect any one of my headphones, I can listen to music or hear the other side during a phone call but the mic does not function at all. The other side can't hear me or I can't command Siri.

I tried force rebooting my iPhone. Sometimes it helps but the above situation keeps occurring.

I've opened my iPhone myself several times for battery and screen replacements. After all of these repairs, it was fully functional; including the headphone mic. This problem started recently.

What can I do to diagnose and repair the problem? I'm thinking about a full reset but I've concerns about the hardware. Could this be a hardware problem caused accidentally by one of my repairs that occurred now or maybe a fall caused it?


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If all the speakers are too, you must go to a specialist to see the entrance in the phone

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Just to clarify, the problem only occurs with the headphone microphone?

To me, it sounds like the problem is with the headphone jack. Take a look inside to see if there is any debris that may be impeding the contact to your headphone plug. If it looks clean, I would replace it with a new one.

Follow this guide.

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack 이미지


iPhone 6 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


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