hard disk space low, but C: and E: drives are empty

The hard drive has 3 partions, C: ( I think that has the restore on it)

D:( has HP Pavilion on it and takes up the whole partition)

and E: has nothing on it.

the computer is saying to free up space, but I set it to factory settings and still no room. How do I get the computer to use the other partitions?

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Do you have any files that you need on that drive? If so, back them up, and I will tell you what to do. And what version of windows is it?

If you aren't already running it, would you like windows 10?

Have you perhaps tried installing/moving files to the free partition rather than saving everything on the 2 others?

I don't think you read his question thoroughly. He said only is full. Besides, his drive shouldn't be partitioned in the first place.

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