Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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both cameras do not work

My both cameras and flashlight are not working when I touch on camera , and I get a black screen , the camera's temperature is very high .

I bought a rear camera and I changed it ,but it didn't work ,problem remain.


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Try replacing front camera flex ribbon cable assembly.

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Wrong Ben. Both cameras not working is a proximity sensor issue. Change the proximity sensor this will solve the problem

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Wrong Tonyhamre. Proximity sensor is used to turn screen off during calls. It has nothing to do with cameras.

Also proximity sensor is on front cam flex.

You should explain it more.

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Wrong ben proximity sensor short causes both cameras to fail. You are aware I presume front and rear camera have separate gets and are independent of each other. There is not one camera get (ic) but two and they are independent. Would you like me to prove this to you?

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Sorry fet as mosfet spellcheck changed to get haha

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You should post an answer I'm about to edit or delete this one.

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I see this got fun real quick lol. So you don't have a camera ic but rather a camera ldo (low drop out/off). This regulates voltage to both cameras and is usually the culprit if both and only if both cameras are not working.

As for it being the proximity/front camera I highly doubt thats the case. Almost always the front camera, if damaged, will short the phone into a red screen/reboot. Rear camera rarely causes this to happen.

If your camera ldo is damaged or not making proper contact with the pads underneath both cameras will not respond.

Honestly let me get a few more beers in me and I'll make a quick video to show you lol.

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Ok Ben. The proximity sensor is a ambient light sensor. ALS. When you make a call and put the phone to your ear the light is reduced. The sensor switches the LCD pmu to turn off the display and the display pmu powers the touch. This function is to stop you dialing or pressing buttons with your ear.

The ambient light sensor also controls the camera functions such as auto flash as when the light level is low the sensor will activate the flash. The sensor also works with auto levels of the camera such as exposure, auto white balance etc. ALS also controls the screen brightness during daytime and night night time. The ALS is a data signal converted from 1.8v grape touch rail. When the data signal is inaccurate this can cause problems with any of the above.

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