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asus touchpad fn function does not work after reformat

So I had to fix my laptop very recently, and upgraded my hard disk to SSD, meaning all the settings are lost. Driver updates aside, now I can't turn off the touchpad with the fn + f9 keypress which I usually do. Anyone know where I can get the appropriate fix?

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Have you updated the drivers? Once the appropriate drivers are installed, if the problem is still there then at least you have eliminated one very likely cause and can look further. If you don't then there is always the very real possibility that they might be the cause of the problem and you are wasting your time looking for something else that is not there.

Here is a link to the very latest Asus Win 10 drivers (assuming that you have Win 10 installed)

Download and install the ATK package and Smart Gesture drivers.

Install the ATK package first then the Smart Gesture drivers.

See the Notes near the top of the page regarding how to install the drivers.

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