How To remove and reinstall hard drives

How to remove and install different drives from a 40 gig to a 80 gig without reformatting

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Which brand of hard drive?

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@motown55 you can't. If you are trying to keep the files intact, you will need to backup your current drive as an image and then restore it to the new drive.

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@oldturkey03 This is incorrect. Acronis can do a straight clone and resize all in one. Unless I am misreading and the OP wants to put a preinstalled 80gb from a different computer into this one.

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@avanteguarde you are right. I read it like the OP wants to keep the files from the 40 GB (most likely the OS). I'll change my answer to a comment to see what clarification we get on this.

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@ motown55,

Your question is a bit vague.

You cannot take an 80gb with an already installed version of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and earlier and simply put it in place of the computer with the 40gb. Windows 10, you can, but you need to have a valid product key for most hardware configurations. Otherwise, you will need to clean install Windows and reinstall everything.

If you have an empty 80gb and want to put in in place of the existing 40gb, this is possible


Depending on the brand of your drive, both WD and Seagate have a free version of Acronis.

Otherwise, you can hunt down the free version of Macrium Reflect.

a) install this software on your old drive

b) connect the drive you plan to move to a working USB port

c) select clone, and allow it to automatically resize.

d) now take out the old drive, and put in the 80gb.

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