8 beeps in starting windows

Few days ago, whenever I turned on my dell inspiron 5010, it started to beep 8 times and displayed blank black screen. I solved this problem by pressing D + Power buttons. But the problem is repeated again and again, and I solved it using D + Power method every time. what is problem and who can I solve it completely?

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An 8 beep error code in your model indicates that there is a problem with the LCD.

It may be either the video flex cable between the motherboard and the LCD screen or the LCD screen itself.

Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop.


Click on the Display link in the contents page to go the the display section of the manual. Here it describes the necessary pre-requisites and the procedure to remove the LCD display. Use the guide to first re-seat the LCD cable ( i.e. disconnect the cable from the motherboard and from the LCD screen itself and then reconnect it, and then re assemble the laptop to see if the problem has been fixed.

If it hasn't been fixed you will have to replace the LCD screen


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Thank you jayeff. Using D+power buttons fixing method, LCD is OK and it displays anything properly. Nevertheless my problem is due to LCD cable or LCD screen?

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Here is a link to the Dell LCD BIST test.

Go to Step 5. Method 2 and see if this helps to determine the problem.

Apologies if you have done this already.


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Thank you jayeff.

I will test it again.

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