Won't start, have 2 red lights flashing

Won't start, have 2 red lights flashing, what should I do

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Did you install the Epson software? The Epson event manager will tell you what the issue is

I have an Epson Stylus C88 that I've used for several years. It recently sat for about 5 months, turned off, without use. I had to add fresh ink, and clean the print heads quite a bit but was able to get it going again and made a few prints. Then, it stopped adding documents to the print job, and stopped responding in general. The ink and paper lights began flashing red intermittently. The printer utility says "Service required". Error logs do not give any further helpful information. With the nearest service location 150 miles away, is this worth fixing? It seems like the cost to repair could easily be the same or more as the cost of a new printer. The nature of our throwaway society makes me angry.

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